Garage Door Repair Services – Common Garage Door Problems

Residential or commercial garage owners know how inconveniencing it can be when one has a faulty garage door. Our garage door repair company is there to help garage owners have an operational garage door that will not inconvenience them, injure and/or damage properties. Some of the common garage door problems that need the attention of a garage door repair technician include:

Failed garage door opener

A garage door may fail to open due to various faults irrespective of it being belt or chain operated. A drive screw or chain operated garage door opener needs to be lubricated regularly for a smooth operation. Our technicians are qualified and experienced to help you out on any issues causing the doors failure.

Noisy garage door

A belt operated garage door opener is more silent as compared to the chain operated one.  However, this should not be an excuse to have to live with an annoying and grinding noise from the chain operated door opener. Our company has enough experience in repairing an unusual noisy garage door.

Unnecessary safe reversal

There are spotlight beams that engage a safe reversal to prevent the garage door from injuring or damaging people/ objects on its path. However, there are times that the reversal is unnecessary when there is actually no person/object on the path. During the regular maintenance, our technicians can clean the beams and also repair them when they are faulty.

A broken remote

When a garage door remote is faulty, there is a need for repair or replacement when necessary. It is inconveniencing to have to operate the door from the wall switch at all times.

Cracks, Gaps, and Rust

Cracks and gaps are mostly experienced by garage owners who opt for wooden garage doors. A waterproof filler or sealant prevents the doors from worsening. A fresh coat of paint and primer will be a lasting solution to rust effect on iron garage doors


Most common garage door problems can be solved by just contracting a professional garage door repair company to take care of your door. Our company is there to offer affordable garage door services to maintain your garage door operational and also serve you for longer.

What To Do When Your Garage Door Won’t Open

What To Do When Your Garage Door Won’t Open

Your garage door is one of the most important pieces to your home. This door to your home allows entry of your vehicle, allows you to store your large items, and mainly allows you the convenience of being able to access the inside of your home without having to walk through the front door. However, there will be those times where you may experience your garage door not opening.

Some of the reasons that your garage door won’t open may include: the photo eye being disturbed, the power source being disrupted, loose or broken cables, something blocking the door, the door being dislodged from its tracked, etc. Its is important that you understand what exactly to do when your garage door won’t open.

When you experience your garage door not opening, the first step is to try to find out why it isn’t opening. Many times, it is a simple and easy fix, that even you can easily repair. But, when the job requires replacing parts, you may have to contact a professional to help repair your garage door. But first, try conducting a simple inspection. Many times, when the garage door won’t open all the way, the springs could be broken or the limit setting needs a slight adjustment. You can try spraying the tracks with some lubricant to assist with easy movement. Again, you don’t exactly know what to do unless you conduct a proper inspection.